Exploration of how nano-technology could potentially alter the appearance of a dancer during show, to change the aesthetics of that persons movements.

concept and video developed in collaboration with scenographer Ida Munk Ørstrøm.

Binaural sound production / synthesis build upon the idea of being able to recreate the experience of an auditory space, similar to how humans perceive distance and direction to an auditory event, in a sphere surrounding the listener.

It possible to measure how individuals perceive this localization, and with this knowledge, recreate an auditory scene, with correct placement of sources when listening on headphones. Time and level differences of the same wavefront arriving to each of the two ears, are two important cues for correct localization. These differences change when the listener turns his/her head, which is why headtracking on headphones, is a good idea when listening to audio material synthesized binaurally.

The change of angle to the auditory source changes when the listeners turns his/her head, since the source stay fixed in space, but the listeners head is moving.

Louis Anglionin and spektrogram made a short demonstration of a home-build head tracking system.

PHRENIA Is an abstract installation displaying auditory and visual hallucinations, to create awareness of the difficult experiences of people who suffer from mental illnesses and in particular schizophrenia. It is a consideration on using virtual reality in performing arts.

A big thank you to
Actress: Yvonne
Actor: Thilo Herrmann
Script: Amalie Olesen Harry Fuhrmann
Khora VR

spektrogram assisted Søren Andreasen in creating an acoustic sequencer inside a camping caravan, displayed on the Copenhagen based electronic music festival STRØM Festival.

The installation were based mainly on the use of aduino microcontrollers and max/msp which controlled solenoids used as hammers inside the caravans cabinets. Relays where used to control the the water pump for the kitchen faucet and a vacuum cleaner - all elements in acoustical musical transformation of an original piece by danish composer Bjørn Svin.

spektrogram: electronics, programming